Our greatest joy at Central Church is to see people encounter God. No matter your background, Central Church is a safe place to learn and grow and experience God’s transformative power.

We believe that everyone can grow in their faith and that community is essential. There are many ways you can get connected at Central Church to further your faith.  Whether you are looking to visit for the first time or have been with us for a while, we have a place for you to call home. 

It is our honor to have you as our guest! We can’t wait to meet you!

Our Church history and going forward...
In the beginning,

           After ten years in the Amazon Basin of Brazil pastoring, church planting, oversight of churches and teaching MTI Bible School, Pr. Donnie Shaffer along with his wife Sue, their four children and a handful of friends, started the Church in Central in May of 2007. (Now called, Central Church) Their first gathering was in their home over a Sunday afternoon lunchtime meal. 

           Pr. Donnie believed in having all kinds of churches for all kinds of people. His desire was to be relevant in the community and real with people. When people walk in our doors we want them to feel a warm welcome and their hearts feel at home.  The church's focus being "Faith, Family and Friends." It wasn't just a catchy phrase but a priority for our church.  Faith: The church's teaching and preaching is Bible based. Every part of it is taught and lived.  Family: Healthy families equate a healthy church. We believe in supporting a biblical structure of families and seeing the whole family thrive in Christ.  Friends: Reaching out to those around us and coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ is being a true friend and helping them to mature in Christ through relationships and life application of the Bible. 

         In April of 2023 Pr. Donnie went to his eternal home on a flight to Japan doing what he loved... missions. So it is fitting that our next Pastor also be someone with the same heart. Pr. Mike Tossas and his family also ministered along with Pr. Donnie in Brazil. 

         Mike and Debbie Tossas met while attending University of Central Florida in the early 80's.  In 1984, they were radically born again and immediately mentored in the ways of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.  A few short weeks later they became husband and wife and began a decades long adventure of many ministerial functions while drawing closer to Jesus and helping others to do so as well. They have been very active in missionary work, assistant pastoral and church administration functions as well as jumping in to assist in whatever may be needed to advance the body of Christ. 

         With the passing of the church founder, Pr. Donnie Shaffer, Mike and Debbie moved to Central, Louisiana in August of 2023 to begin the next steps of what God had for them as Pastors of Central Church. Their heart is to serve the Kingdom of God and to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry.  Their greatest joy is to see people fall in love with Jesus Christ and to serve Him and his people, while reaching a lost world with His love. 

This is just the beginning....